Meet the Team

Below you can see the team and family that works on the farm. We are one family with three generations all currently working together! One of the things we love about what we do is that we get to work together with family.

  • David Luhman David Luhman

    David grew up on a farm and in the 1960's purchased the land we currently farm. He continues to work every day and work hard despite the fact that he has passed retirement age. Farming is in his blood and he loves what he does.

  • Jon Luhman Jon Luhman

    Jon is the current owner of the farm. After graduating from the University of Minnesota he began farming on his own. Later when farming with David he made many changes on the farm with the goal of improving the the farm and soil health.

  • Jared Luhman Jared Luhman

    Jared recently graduated from the University of Minnesota and returned home to farm. He is the owner of the Hereford cattle and his goal is to continue to improve the farm.

  • Ace Ace

    Ace is a recent addition to the farm family, yet we are very excited to see what he offers as he grows up and begins to master his herding instincts.